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Every Hosting Company Has Features That Set It Apart From Its Competitors, Now We Come Here To Tell You Some Of These Features

Regular Backup

All Mizbanman Services Are Backed Up Daily And All Backups Are Maintained In Three Different Parts Of The World

Safe From Dangers

Our Experts Are Monitoring The Security Of The Network 24 Hours A Day So That In Case Of Attacks, They Can Deal With It As Soon As Possible

Dedicated Network

All Our Servers Are In Our Dedicated Network In Iran And Under Our 24-Hour Monitoring, And Also Our Network Is Part Of The 10 Gigabit Port

Instant Delivery Service

After Paying For The Service In Three Whistles, Yes, Take Delivery In Only Three Whistles Of The Service And Get Well

You Deserve The Top Suffix

Mizbanman Has Thousands Of Popular Suffix At Your Service To Register The Top Domain For You And Make It Your Own

Source Encryption

In The New Telegram Robot Hosting Service, We Encrypt Your Sources In Such A Way That Even If You Are Hacked, Your Source Will Not Be Usable For The Hacker


Own The Best Domain

Mizbanman Has Come With More Than A Thousand Suffix So That You Can Register Your Domain With Just One Click And Make It Your Own

How Can I Buy My Service From You?

Only In Three Whistles

Yes, You Heard Right, Just In Three Whistles And With Three Clicks, Register Your Order And Receive It Immediately


Select Service

First Of All, Choose The Service That Suits You. If You Need Help, Get Help By Clicking On Our Support


Bill Payment

After Selecting The Service, You Have To Pay The Created Bill And Wash It So That The Service Is Up And Running


This is from the Your service

Yes, You Saw That You Could Only Get Service From Mizbanman In Three Whistles


Be Above The Clouds

Mizbanman Network Is Based On Cloud Network And In This Section We Want To Introduce You To The Features Of Mizbanman Dedicated Network

  • Say Goodbye To Certainty

    Mizbanman Cloud Network Consists Of A Large Number Of Dedicated Servers That Are Serving You At The Same Time, Which Means That You Will Never Taste A Definite Bitter Taste In Mizbanman

  • 10 Gigabit Port

    We Are Here With 10 Gigabit Ports To Bring You The Highest Speed So You Can Experience An Ideal Speed With Us

  • Powerful And Smart Firewalls

    Our Firewalls On Mizbanman Network Were Created Together Using The Latest Security Methods To Prevent Attacks In The Shortest Time And With The Highest Security Factor

We Are Ready To Answer You 24 Hours A Day

We Wait Seven Days A Week From Seven In The Morning Until Midnight To Hear Your Warm Voice

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